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Nationwide Background Checks

Background check also known as background screening refers to a procedure in which an organization or an individual will use to verify whether they are presenting honest information or not.

Some information may include who they claim to be, employment history, previous work history, public records, law enforcement, credit bureaus, and other information from the past. In a nutshell, a background check is an in-depth analysis of the history of the candidate. Employers must pay a fee to do a comprehensive background check which may take at least 2 to 5 business working days to complete. A background check reveals other things such as credit history or any criminal records if any. The main objective of background checks is to confirm that an individual is true to what they are saying and uncover any conflicts if they are involved in any.

Types of Background Check

Background Check Professionals (BCP) provide superior services that may help an organization get the most accurate and correct information about the candidate they are hiring. Some types of background checks that BCP perform are as follows:

  • Criminal court history
  • Civil court history
  • Motor vehicle reports (MVR)
  • Federal court records
  • Statewide criminal search
  • Multi-state criminal search
  • Previous employment verification
  • Education verification
  • Personal references check
  • ID Search
  • Professional license verification
  • Nationwide sex offender
  • Health & Human Services exclusions

Benefits of Background Checks

Background checks provide various benefits to employers. These checks help the employers to hire the right staff thereby contributing to the success of a company. Let’s take a glance at 5 benefits of background checks:

  1. Increase Job Applicant Quality

If the background checks are done at the recruitment stage, it may discourage a person from applying with serious issues. They will enable the applicants to submit resumes that have the utmost accuracy and reduce any discrepancies.

Candidates who are genuine will come forward to do a background check as there will be nothing they want to hide. It also helps the organization to know that the applicants are honest and they value integrity. Therefore, these screenings help to enhance the quality of job applicants.

  1. Improved Quality of Hire

Background screening helps to weed out unsuitable candidates and select the right candidates that will help the employers. The selection of right candidate saves the time of the company and managers by only having to interview the right and genuine applicants. This improves the overall quality of hiring.

  1. Avoiding Negative Publicity and Cost to the Company

If an organization has dishonest staff, it may damage the reputation and thereby. incur negative publicity. This is why background checks are essential as they help verify employment records and any criminal records activities if any. Furthermore, bad employees may incur unnecessary costs for the company as well.

  1. Ensuring a Safe Workplace

Violence at work may lead to lost workdays causing loss for the company. There can be a financial impact on the lost wages which may include costs from lost wages as well. Employers have a duty of care towards their employees and there must be a safe workplace to enhance the overall environment of the organization. This can be done by hiring and selecting the right candidates.

  1. Preventing Employee Dishonesty

Background checks are one of the effective ways that help prevent dishonesty in employees. The outcome of employee fraud may lead to loss of annual revenue; and affect staff morale, company reputation, productivity, and business failure.

The Final Thoughts

The background screening is done to interview questions that will help the employers to find potential discrepancies that exist in the candidate’s records. It may be a daunting process for employers who are new to the process. However, Background Check Professionals may help employers get the right information about the candidate and will save them from any risk at the workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on background check

  1. Which Laws regulate employment background verification?

Employers must abide by the guidelines mentioned in the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act), enforcement guidance, and State Consumer Reporting laws stated by the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission 2012. It is necessary to abide by these guidelines while employment screening is done.

  1. How long must employers retain background check reports?

There is no regulation or law defining the timeline for keeping background check reports. Employers can retain the background screening records for 3 years or as long as the employee is working in that organization.

  1. How long does an employment background check take?

A background check may take nearly 3 to 5 business working days. However, the timeline may also vary depending on number of checks and types of checks done.

If you require precise information, you may contact Background Check Professionals at www.backgroundcheckpro.com or call 601-450-2290 where the experienced experts will guide you in a better way.

  1. How long are background checks valid?

The validity of the background checks may depend on the employers as there is no law or rule that will define the background checks’ validity. The screening is valid until the next check is done.

  1. What Causes a Failed Background Check?

Employers conduct different background checks such as previous employment history checks, education verification for employment, driving records; verify credit history, criminal record checks, and pre-employment drug test screenings. If any discrepancies occur such as incorrect details or fake licenses, the background check may fail.

  1. What should I do if a candidate fails background verification?

If an employee gets failed in the background screening process, they may be terminated or may be added in the no-hire list. It means they will not be hired in that organization in the future. Unless the employer decides to except the responsibility   and give them a second chance.

  1. How far back do background checks go?

Employers may follow a 7-year rule that means you can check criminal history or compliance issues for 7 years depending on your state guidelines. The rule may also be exempted based on the rules and regulations prevailing in your state.

  1. What Advantage Does a Background Check Have Over a Resume or a Reference Check?

A background check will show a person’s education, identity, employment records, or work history whereas a resume will only showcase a candidate’s employment history and may hide other insights.

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