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Que. 1 :- Where does BCP get all of its information on applicants?

Ans. 1 :- Directly from Municipal and Superior Courts, previous employers, State Worker’s Comp. Commission, federal courts, colleges and universities, and applicable credit bureaus.

Note: Our court records are NOT a database service. When you place an order with us, you will obtain the most current and complete information available.

Que. 2 :- What laws govern the collection and use of the available information?

Ans. 2 :- The FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) is the law that allows the applicant to have a copy of our reports and to challenge its accuracy. The EEOC regulations allow the pre-screening of applicants, but prohibit hiring decisions based on sex, age, race, etc.

Que. 3 :- Is it legal to use obtained information to make a hiring decision?

Ans. 3 :- Absolutely! Misstatements on an application are grounds for denying an applicant or dismissing an employee. In fact, if you hire a dangerous or unqualified person for a position through which they could harm others, you can be held liable for the employee’s actions.

Que. 4 :- What happens if you have a candidate for a job who has an excellent resume and has other job offers, and you cannot wait for a background check?

Ans. 4 :- Hire that person, but perform a background check soon after. If you find that he or she made misstatements on the application or resume, it is grounds for dismissal. Remember that our Applicant Consent Form is your first line of defense. If potential employees know that you will verify all information, they are much less likely to misrepresent themselves.

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