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Fee Explanation: Of the 3300+ jurisdictions (usually counties) in the US a few charge fees for accessing court records like New York. BCP reserves the right to pass on these fees to the client when/if necessary. 

Criminal Court History: 

Civil Upper Court History:

New York, Criminal OCA (Office of Court Administration)

Sex Offender Nation Wide Search

Statewide Criminal Search: States Available. This is a second party database.

Multi-State Criminal Search. Records included in this search vary by state, and can include statewide convictions, arrests (IN & MN), court records, and inmate records. This is a second party database. See States & coverage.

ID Search or Trace:
Federal Criminal P.A.C.E.R.. Records:
Federal Civil P.A.C.E.R.. Records:
Motor Vehicle Report (MVR):
Previous Employment:
Education (in USA):
Education, out of USA where possible:
Personal References:
Professional License:

State Eviction Records. This is a second party database.

Health & Human Service Exclusions:

$18.00  Per jurisdiction

$54.00  Due Diligence, up to 5 counties within 7 years, plus any 

Court Access Fees

$25.00 Per jurisdiction.

$75.00 For Due Diligence, up to 5 counties within 7 years,  plus any Court Access Fees

$129.00 includes Felony & Misdemeanor in all listed jurisdictions







$20.00 Most States (Call for exact price). Turn around time varies from state to state.

$18.00  Per employer to be verified, plus any access fees. You must provide name & phone number of the Company Contact.

$18.00 Per university to be verified. Plus any access fees.

$30.00 Minimum

$20.00 Per reference to be verified you must provide name & phone number of reference.

$20.00 Per license to be verified.

$20.00 Per State

$18.00 Per jurisdiction.